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Will The TPD Change Post Brexit?

Will The TPD Change Post Brexit? This week a Government document has been doing the rounds in vaping circles hinting at a change in the TPD legislation post Brexit. The document in question is the ‘Tobacco Control Plan for England’ It replaces the previous version which initially introduced the Tobacco Products Directive and introduced […]

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Cloud Chasing

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Cloud Chasing Rewind 8 years. You take a small puff on a plastic replica cigarette, hoping for the sensation of smoking that you are used too. Exhaling the thin ribbon of vapour you are satisfied, but left craving more. Fast forward to now, things are very different. Gone are the […]

The Top 5 E-Liquids for Summer

The Top 5 E-liquids For Summer Summer is upon us here in Blighty. The wonderful time of year where we break out the flip flops, watch some Wimbledon and attend the odd rained out BBQ. Biased as I may be, there is nothing better than sitting out with the sun beating down, cool drink in […]

The Five Best E-Cigarette Starter Kits

The Top 5 E-Cigarette Starter Kits When Public Health England announced that vaping was 95% safer than smoking, the e-cigarette market saw its 2nd wind, with the number of people in the UK switching from smoking to vaping increasing four fold. This was fantastic for the vaping market, which saw a flood of new products […]