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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Cloud Chasing

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Cloud Chasing

Rewind 8 years. You take a small puff on a plastic replica cigarette, hoping for the sensation of smoking that you are used too. Exhaling the thin ribbon of vapour you are satisfied, but left craving more.

Fast forward to now, things are very different. Gone are the days of high PG e-liquid, high resistance atomizer coils and silica wick. There are still a place for all of these things and same vapers swear by them. But for those who are always left wanting more there are now many options for you.

If you love the feeling of exhaling massive, dense clouds of vapour then delve into our ultimate beginners guide to cloud chasing.

What Is Sub-ohm Vaping? 

Your first step on the road to chucking clouds is to go sub-ohm. But what is sub-ohm vaping?

In the simplest terms this is an atomizer coil that is below 1.0ohm resistance. Low resistance coils can handle more power, this means that they get hotter quicker and vaporise more e-liquid. Vaporising more e-liquid means more vapour and bigger clouds.

Remember, going sub-ohm will normally require you to drop your nicotine strength. If you are currently on a high nic strength, around a 14mg, you need to be thinking more of a 6mg or 3mg e-liquid.

What is High VG E-liquid? 

So you have gone sub-ohm. Now it’s time to get thicker e-liquid.

E-juice is a mix of a few ingredients, nicotine (which is optional), flavouring and diluents.

There are usually two diluents.

PG, propylene glycol, is responsible for your throat hit and carrying flavour.

VG, vegetable glycerine, is much thicker and produces your vapour and a slight sweetness.

As a general rule of thumb, the more VG in the e-liquid the bigger the cloud production. You need to take into account that high VG e-liquid is much thicker than something that is a balance of PG and VG, so it is not suitable for all e-cigs and e-cig tanks.

A great high VG e-liquid is Double Drip Available at Vape Road this has a PG:VG ratio of 20:80 so is great for vapour production as well as having amazing flavours.

Do I Need To Worry About E-cig Airflow? 

With a sub-ohm atomizer at high powers, large airflow is essential to provide enough air to cool your coil as you vape.

Also larger airflow allows you to directly inhale more quickly, taking in and exhaling much more vapour.

Look for an e-cig tank with large adjustable airflow. A great example is the Smok TFV8 Baby Tank Sub-ohm atomizer heads and fantastic airflow.


Are There Any Con’s To Cloud Chasing?

Cloud chasing produces huge clouds of vapour, it is extremely satisfying, gives a great hit and fab flavour. But what are the down sides.

E-liquid consumption is one, you will use much more e-liquid. You battery will drain quicker as you are having you fire your coils with much more power.

Along with these is inhalation technique. Some vapers cannot get used to directly inhaling. To properly cloud chase you cannot mouth to lung inhale, which is the most common technique for vaping and regular smoking. You need to directly inhale the vapour into your lungs.

But if you can get used to a direct lung inhale and don’t mind using more e-liquid then chuck those clouds.

This was our ultimate beginners guide to cloud chasing.

These are the absolute basics and always remember to do your own research before embarking on this type of vaping. Look out in the near future for blogs going in depth into ohms law and battery safety.

In the meantime if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help you embark on your cloud chasing journey.

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