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The Top 5 E-Liquids for Summer

The Top 5 E-liquids For Summer

Summer is upon us here in Blighty. The wonderful time of year where we break out the flip flops, watch some Wimbledon and attend the odd rained out BBQ.

Biased as I may be, there is nothing better than sitting out with the sun beating down, cool drink in hand having a vape. The only bump in the road is what juice to vape when the sun has got his hat on? That heavy coffee e-liquid won’t do! What about that complex vanilla custard, or your favourite tobacco e-juice? No these are all comfort vapes, reserved for the depths of winter.

So let’s break it down, we delve into the Vape Road e-liquid stores and pick out the top five e-liquids for summer.

Candy King – Sour Worms

My cheeks are fizzing just thinking about this gem. This is light, fruity and delightful. Vape the rainbow with this sweety favourite.

Perfectly emulating sour worms, it is sweet, sour and surprising complex for a fruit e-liquid. Absolutely perfect vaped alongside a glass of cloudy lemonade.

You can buy Candy King – Sour Worms at Vape Road for just £14.99 for 50ml –

Nasty Juice – Bad Blood

Nasty Juice produce strong flavours and Bad Blood is no exception.

Imagine someone had mashed fresh blackcurrents into your tank and put half a mint leaf in it and you are not far off describing this e-juice. It is delicious, bold without feeling heavy and with a VG:PG ratio of 70:30 it is great for a wide range of tanks, RDA’s and RTA’s.

This dark juice is fantastic for early evening, the sun is setting you are having your first cold beer and need something to vape the day away.

You can buy Nasty Juice – Bad Blood at Vape Road for just £4.99 –

Shlurp – Cold Filtered

Now this one sounds like it is an extremely niche e-juice, not for everyone. But you have to try it, this will be your new summer favourite.

I imagine Shlurp designed this when the sun was beaming because it is ideal for those humid summer days. Cold Filtered is a blend of cola, mint and menthol…..just that that sink in a second. It sounds like it won’t work, but it really does.

A sweet cola and mint on the inhale with a cooling menthol on the exhale, this will be your go too and would be great for a lazy day at the pool.

You can buy Shlurp  – Cold Filtered at Vape Road for just £14.99 for 40ml –

Dinner Lady – Lemon Tart

As soon as Dinner Lady Lemon Tart hit the shelves vapers fell in love. It has remained atop the best seller list ever since and with good reason.

This is ideal for an ‘after picnic’ vape. Haze summer afternoons will be rounded off nicely with this light and refreshing e-juice. Delicate pastry and sharp lemon curd on the inhale, with a sweet meringue on the exhale.

This is complex, yet light as a feather. A divine e-liquid and you will love it.

You can buy Dinner Lady – Lemon Tart at Vape Road for just £14.99 for 30ml –

Double Drip – Twisted Ice Cream

Oohhh this one is THE summer vape.

Twisted Ice Cream by Double Drip has a frozen strawberry and lemon centre, with lime sorbet and pineapple ice cream in the mix. You have probably guessed, this is a Twister Lolly in an e-liquid.

One vape and you will be transported straight to the ice cream van. It is spot on and absolutely perfect all summer. A blend of sunny fruits and cooling menthol. Simply divine.

You can buy Double Drip – Twisted Ice Cream at Vape Road for just £4.00 –

This is our run down of the top five e-liquids for summer. What is your favourite e-juice to vape in the summer? Let us know. Don’t forget to check out our e-liquids for a wide selection of juice from premium e-liquid brands –

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