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The Five Best E-Cigarette Starter Kits

The Top 5 E-Cigarette Starter Kits

When Public Health England announced that vaping was 95% safer than smoking, the e-cigarette market saw its 2nd wind, with the number of people in the UK switching from smoking to vaping increasing four fold. This was fantastic for the vaping market, which saw a flood of new products and vaping innovation.

While this is fantastic news, it also means that the choice for new vapers could potentially cause some confusion. When looking for the perfect e-cig starter kit to make the switch which do you choose? Do you go for a pen style e-cig, automatic battery, box mod? We are going to break it down for you.

Below are the top 5 e-cigarette starter kits on the market, we take a look at their features and pros and cons to help you pick your new e-cig starter kit.

Eleaf iCare Mini E-Cigarette

Eleaf iCare Mini - E-cigarette
You can buy the Eleaf iCare Mini at Vape Road for just £17.99 –

The Eleaf iCare Mini is the definition of a traditional e-cig starter kit. It is designed to be low maintenance, easy to use and to simulate the sensation of smoking.

It’s 320mAh battery is built into a box mod style case that has an on-board USB port so you can continue to vape whilst it is on charge. It powers the atomizer head using ‘direct output’, this means that the amount of power produced depends on the resistance of your coil and the remaining charge in the battery. Basically as your battery runs low you will produce less vapour.

The iCare Mini has no buttons to press, it features ‘automatic activation’, that simply means all you do to produce vapour is draw gently on the mouthpiece, this activates the battery.

The 1.3ml e-liquid tank is also built into the e-cig and is filled by removing the mouthpiece, which doubles as the top cap, and filling through the e-liquid inlet.

It has fairly tight airflow and is a purely mouth to lung e-cig.

So who is the iCare Mini good for? With a small internal battery and small e-liquid tank capacity it is great for light vapers, those who will use their e-cig in small bouts through the day. On the flip side it is also a great vape mod for in the car or for a night out.

All in all the Eleaf iCare Mini is a fantastic first e-cig. Extremely simple to use and maintain and it looks great too.

You can buy the Eleaf iCare Mini at Vape Road for just £17.99 –

Innokin Endura T18E E-Cigarette

Innokin Endura T18E - E-cigarette
You can buy the Innokin Endura T18E at Vape Road for just £24.99 –

The Innokin Endura T18E is the e-cig that I wish was available when I started vaping over 6 years ago. This is one of the most popular starter kits on sale at the moment and for good reason.

Lets start with the battery, it is a 1000mAh pen style battery. It has internal protection including overcharge, low voltage and low resistance protection. It is recharged using a USB port on the base of the battery, which is hidden behind a funky swivel base. It outputs 14W of power which is more than enough for the atomizers.

Moving onto the Innokin Prism tank, it has a 2ml e-liquid capacity, is constructed out of pyrex and has an easy to use top fill system. It also has Innokins famed ‘no spill coil swap’ system, this means you can replace the atomizer without loosing any e-liquid.

Although the airflow through the Prism tank is restricted, it is not tight. Still this is one for mouth to lung vapers.

The atomizers are 1.5ohm and boy do they put out flavour. If you are looking for a pen style e-cig that will give you the best flavour from your e-juice, then you need the Innokin Endura T18E. The vapour production is also surprising at only 14W and at that power it will not guzzle your e-liquid.

So who is the Innokin Endura T18E good for? Everyone. If you are a smoker looking for their first e-cig, then buy this. It is designed to be easy to use, as well as providing an outstanding vaping experience. If you are already a vaper, then buy this.

You can buy the Innokin Endura T18E at Vape Road for just £24.99 –

Aspire K2 Start Kit E-Cigarette

Aspire K2 Start Kit - E-cigarette
You can buy the Aspire K2 Starter Kit at Vape Road for just £26.99 –

Aspire are the kings of design in the vaping world. The first thing you will notice about the Aspire K2 Starter Kit is its looks, its a belter. Resembling an expensive pen rather than an e-cig, the carbon fibre pattern and glossy finish give a high end feel.

It is a pen style e-cig, that has an 800mAh battery. This is charged using the USB port and has no settings to adjust. It does pack a punch and will provide enough power to deliver a fantastic throat hit.

The tank comes in at a smidge under 2ml, 1.8ml and can be slightly fiddly to fill. It is a bottom fill tank which can make topping up on the go a slight pain, but don’t let that put you off, the vape is outstanding. There is no airflow adjustment, and this is for mouth to lung vapers only.

Its 1.6ohm coils will give you great flavour from your e-liquid and it will not drink your juice.

So who is the Aspire K2 Starter Kit good for? First time vapers who want a sleek and classy pen style e-cig.

You can buy the Aspire K2 Starter Kit at Vape Road for just £26.99 –

Innokin Coolfire Mini E-Cigarette

Innokin Coolfire Mini - E-cigarette
You can buy the Innoking Coolfire Mini Start Kit at Vape Road for just £44.99 –

The Innokin Coolfire Mini is the first proper box mod on the list. It is small, stylish and puts out up to 40W of power.

Some vapers may recognise this starter kit, that will be because its a nano version of the Innokin Coolfire. The 1300mAh internal battery has both variable voltage and variable wattage modes, up to 40W of power. This allows you to adjust your settings depending what atomizer you have installed and whether you want more or less vapour.

Sitting atop your coolfire battery is the Innokin Slipstream tank. It is top filling with a ‘child proof’ top cap (push and twist to open). It is super easy to fill and thanks to its design it is leak resistant. It also has adjustable airflow that is adjusted using the ring at the top of the tank.

There is a screen on the side of the mod that lets you view your vaping settings and remaining battery life. The atomizers are considered sub-ohm coming in at a 0.8ohm resistance. So expect great vapour production and flavour.

So who is the Innokin Coolfire Mini good for? A new vaper who needs a little bit more. More vapour, more throat hit and more control. It will use more e-liquid thanks to its low resistance atomizer but is a beautiful looking kit that can be used by mouth to lung vapers as well as some direct lung vapers.

You can buy the Innoking Coolfire Mini Start Kit at Vape Road for just £44.99 –

SMOK AIO Stick Starter Kit E-Cigarette

This is the wildcard of the group. The Smok AIO Stick is called a starter kit, looks like a starter kit and is easy to use like a starter kit. But with 0.25ohm atomizers it is not for the faint hearted.

Lets start with the basics, it is an ‘all in one’ pen style e-cig. That means that the battery and tank are connected and cannot be taken apart. The internal battery is 1600mAh and is recharged using the on-board USB port.

The tank is a top filling 2ml, with adjustable airflow. By design the tank is leak resistant and has a beautiful swivel top cap that Smok is famous for.

It looks beautiful and feels high quality in the hand.

Lets talk atomizers, at 0.25ohm these will chuck some serious clouds. That means using much more e-liquid and dropping your nicotine strength. This is not for vapers who want to stealth vape, puffing little wisps of vapour. This is for vapers who want to use a low strength, high VG e-juice.

So who is the Smok AIO Stick Start Kit good for? A handful of new vapers who were heavy smokers and want to go into vaping at a low nic strength and produce large clouds of vaper. It is more suited to experience vapers who want a cheap, no fuss cloud chucker, great for in the car.

You can buy the SMOK AIO Stick Starter Kit at Vape Road for just £23.99 –

That was our break down of the Top 5 E-cig Starter Kits. If you are interested in a mod that you don’t see on our list, or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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